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apk add asterisk-chan-dongle

# 配置
cp /etc/asterisk/dongle.conf.sample /etc/asterisk/dongle.conf

# 加载模块
asterisk -rx 'module load'



interval=15 ; 尝试连接设备的间隔

;------------------------------ JITTER BUFFER CONFIGURATION --------------------------
;jbenable = yes ; Enables the use of a jitterbuffer on the receiving side of a
; Dongle channel. Defaults to "no". An enabled jitterbuffer will
; be used only if the sending side can create and the receiving
; side can not accept jitter. The Dongle channel can't accept jitter,
; thus an enabled jitterbuffer on the receive Dongle side will always
; be used if the sending side can create jitter.

;jbforce = no ; Forces the use of a jitterbuffer on the receive side of a Dongle
; channel. Defaults to "no".

;jbmaxsize = 200 ; Max length of the jitterbuffer in milliseconds.

;jbresyncthreshold = 1000 ; Jump in the frame timestamps over which the jitterbuffer is
; resynchronized. Useful to improve the quality of the voice, with
; big jumps in/broken timestamps, usually sent from exotic devices
; and programs. Defaults to 1000.

;jbimpl = fixed ; Jitterbuffer implementation, used on the receiving side of a Dongle
; channel. Two implementations are currently available - "fixed"
; (with size always equals to jbmaxsize) and "adaptive" (with
; variable size, actually the new jb of IAX2). Defaults to fixed.

;jbtargetextra = 40 ; This option only affects the jb when 'jbimpl = adaptive' is set.
; The option represents the number of milliseconds by which the new jitter buffer
; will pad its size. the default is 40, so without modification, the new
; jitter buffer will set its size to the jitter value plus 40 milliseconds.
; increasing this value may help if your network normally has low jitter,
; but occasionally has spikes.

;jblog = no ; Enables jitterbuffer frame logging. Defaults to "no".

; 默认设置

context=default ; 呼入默认 context
group=0 ; calling group
rxgain=0 ; increase the incoming volume; may be negative
txgain=0 ; increase the outgoint volume; may be negative
autodeletesms=yes ; 自动删除收到的短信
resetdongle=yes ; reset dongle during initialization with ATZ command
u2diag=-1 ; set ^U2DIAG parameter on device (0 = disable everything except modem function) ; -1 not use ^U2DIAG command
usecallingpres=yes ; use the caller ID presentation or not
callingpres=allowed_passed_screen ; set caller ID presentation by default use default network settings
disablesms=no ; disable of SMS reading from device when received
; chan_dongle has currently a bug with SMS reception. When a SMS gets in during a
; call chan_dongle might crash. Enable this option to disable sms reception.
; default = no

language=en ; 通道默认语言
smsaspdu=yes ; PDU 方式发送短信
mindtmfgap=45 ; minimal interval from end of previews DTMF from begining of next in ms
mindtmfduration=80 ; minimal DTMF tone duration in ms
mindtmfinterval=200 ; minimal interval between ends of DTMF of same digits in ms

callwaiting=auto ; if 'yes' allow incoming calls waiting; by default use network settings
; if 'no' waiting calls just ignored
disable=no ; OBSOLETED by initstate: if 'yes' no load this device and just ignore this section

initstate=start ; specified initial state of device, must be one of 'stop' 'start' 'remote'
; 'remove' same as 'disable=yes'

exten=+1234567890 ; exten for start incoming calls, only in case of Subscriber Number not available!, also set to CALLERID(ndid)

dtmf=relax ; control of incoming DTMF detection, possible values:
; off - off DTMF tones detection, voice data passed to asterisk unaltered
; use this value for gateways or if not use DTMF for AVR or inside dialplan
; inband - do DTMF tones detection
; relax - like inband but with relaxdtmf option
; default is 'relax' by compatibility reason

; 设备
audio=/dev/ttyUSB1 ; 音频 tty 端口
data=/dev/ttyUSB2 ; AT 命令 tty 端口

; 使用 imei, imsi 可忽略 audio, data 配置 - Linux 下能自动发现
; audio 和 data 配置优先
; 15 个数字


dongle callwaitingEnable/Disable Call-Waiting on the dongle
dongle cmdSend commands to port for debugging
dongle discoveryDiscovery devices and create config
dongle pduSend PDU of SMS from the dongle
dongle reloadReload dongle
dongle removeRemove dongle
dongle resetReset dongle now
dongle restartRestart dongle
dongle show device settingsShow Dongle device settings
dongle show device stateShow Dongle device state
dongle show device statisticsShow Dongle device statistics
dongle show devicesShow Dongle devices state
dongle show versionShow module version
dongle smsSend SMS from the dongle
dongle startStart dongle
`dongle stop <nowgracefully
dongle ussdSend USSD commands to the dongle
$ blkid /dev/sr1
# /dev/sr1: UUID="2009-12-16-02-00-00-00" LABEL="Mobile Partner" TYPE="iso9660" PTTYPE="mac"
mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr1 /mnt/a

ioreg -p IOUSB -l -b | grep -10 -i huawei
apk add screen usb-modeswitch-udev usbutils

# 插入 USB
# 可以访问到附带的存储
blkid /dev/sr1
# /dev/sr1: UUID="2009-12-16-02-00-00-00" LABEL="Mobile Partner" TYPE="iso9660" PTTYPE="mac"
# mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr1 /mnt/a
# 查看 product
# 切换为 modem 模式, 替换为自己的
# 2>/dev/null | sed -nre 's/^.*?12d1:(\S+).*/\1/p'
PRODUCT_ID=` 2>/dev/null | sed -nre 's/^.*?12d1:(\S+).*/\1/p'`
/lib/udev/usb_modeswitch --vendor 0x12d1 --product=0x$PRODUCT_ID --type option-zerocd
modprobe usbserial vendor=0x12d1 product=0x$PRODUCT_ID

# 1001 的会出来三个端口, 分别为 modem,diag,pcui
# 1003 的不会有 diag, 目前猜测为语音拨号