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  • 基于 pjproject 实现的 sip 通道
  • pjsip 功能很多,因此有很多的 res_pjsip,也有很多配置项
# 所有 pjproject 相关模块
ls /usr/lib/asterisk/modules | grep pj | sort
aclAccess Control Listres_pjsip_acl, acl.conf 引用
aorAddress of Record
domain_aliasDomain Alias域名别名
identifyEndpoint Identificationhost to endpoint
phoneprovPhone Provisioningres_pjsip_phoneprov_provider,res_phoneprov
registrationoutbound SIP
resource_listResource lists
  • 匹配规则
    • From in inbound SIP -> endpoint
    • To in inbound SIP REGISTER -> aor
    • IP 地址匹配
  • endpoint
    • -0..1-> auth
    • -1..N-> transport
    • -N-> aor
      • 实际地址信息
      • 关联 MWI
      • -N-> contact
  • registration
    • 注册到外部服务 - 相当于 Trunk
    • -0..1-> auth
    • -1..N-> transport
  • auth - 由 endpoint 和 registration 使用
  • identify
    • -0..1-> endpoint
    • match
    • res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_ip
  • acl
  • domain_alias
  • resource_list - 资源列表订阅 - SIP 设备订阅 SIP 服务端提供的资源
    • Asterisk 13+
    • RFC 4662
    • 不使用 resource_list 则是每个端直接订阅状态 - N*(N-1) - 服务端压力非常大
    • resource_list 将多个 客户端或 resouece_list 状态聚合为一组
    • 例如 销售组一个订阅、服务组一个订阅


  • res_pjsip_config_wizard
  • 聚合配置 endpoint, aor, auth, identify, registration, phoneprov
  • 不支持 reload
type = wizard
accepts_registrations = yes
accepts_auth = yes
endpoint/context = default
endpoint/allow = !all,ulaw,gsm,g722

inbound_auth/username = 6001
inbound_auth/password = 6001

type = wizard
sends_registrations = yes
sends_auth = yes
endpoint/context = default
endpoint/allow = !all,ulaw,gsm,g722

outbound_auth/username = 6003
outbound_auth/password = 6003
; outbound auth

; inbound auth

; outbound registration

; inbound registration
; accepts_registrations=yes - aor 静态 contact
; accepts_registrations=no - match/identify
; remote_hosts=<ipaddress | hostname>[:port] [,<ipaddress | hostname>[:port] ]

; endpoint/outbound_proxy
; aor/outbound_proxy
; registration/outbound_proxy


; registrations

; phoneprov

; hint exten
; PJSIP/<wizard_id>
; 例如 Gosub(stdexten,${EXTEN},1(${HINT}))"

; 子对象


  • pjsip.conf.sample 中并不包含完整配置


; SIP Max Forwards header
; 默认 Asterisk PBX + 版本
;user_agent=Asterisk PBX
; 默认 出局 终端 - 未指定时使用
; 发送 双 CRLF 作为 keep-alives 的间隔 - 单位 秒
; 面向有连接传输协议 - 例如 tcp websocket
; contacts 失效检测 - 单位秒
; 禁用多 域名 支持可增加 realtime 处理性能 - 减少 db 请求
; endpoint 识别顺序 - ip,header,username,auth_username,anonymous
; 部分通过模块 res_pjsip_endpoint_identifier_* 提供支持
; 查看当前支持 pjsip show identifiers
; 启动后验证所有 contacts 的最大时间
; 如果大于 qualify_frequency 则会使用 qualify_frequency
; 指定注册上下文后 Asterisk 会为 endpoint 维护一个 NoOp 的 extension
; 默认语音邮箱 extension - 会在 NOTIFY Message-Account 头中返回

; unidentified_request_* 仅用于 endpoint_identifier_order 启用了 auth_username 场景
; 在 unidentified_request_period 内未识别的请求次数 - 超过产生安全事件
; 单位 秒
; 检测清除 未识别 的间隔 - 超过两倍 unidentified_request_period 则会被清除

; 默认 出局 SIP 的用户名 - 优先使用 CallerID 和 endpoint/from_user
; 生成 auth challenge 时的默认 realm

; Asterisk Task Processor Queue Size
; On heavy loaded system with DB storage you may need to increase
; taskprocessor queue.
; If the taskprocessor queue size reached high water level,
; the alert is triggered.
; If the alert is set the pjsip distibutor stops processing incoming
; requests until the alert is cleared.
; The alert is cleared when taskprocessor queue size drops to the
; low water clear level.
; The next options set taskprocessor queue levels for MWI.
;mwi_tps_queue_high=500 ; Taskprocessor high water alert trigger level.
;mwi_tps_queue_low=450 ; Taskprocessor low water clear alert level.
; The default is -1 for 90% of high water level.

; Unsolicited MWI
; If there are endpoints configured with unsolicited MWI
; then res_pjsip_mwi module tries to send MWI to all endpoints on startup.
;mwi_disable_initial_unsolicited=no ; Disable sending unsolicited mwi to all endpoints on startup.
; If disabled then unsolicited mwi will start processing
; on the endpoint's next contact update.

; 移除 URI 中 ; 后面部分 - 用于兼容旧设备 例如 ITSP

; 设备刷新注册信息时发送 AMI ContactStatus 事件

; Set the trigger the distributor will use to detect
; taskprocessor overloads. When triggered, the distributor
; will not accept any new requests until the overload has
; cleared.
; "global": (default) Any taskprocessor overload will trigger.
; "pjsip_only": Only pjsip taskprocessor overloads will trigger.
; "none": No overload detection will be performed.
; WARNING: The "none" and "pjsip_only" options should be used
; with extreme caution and only to mitigate specific issues.
; Under certain conditions they could make things worse.

; 在支持场景发送 norefersub 标签表示 支持 REFER subscription - RFC 4488



; transaction timer T1 - 单位 ms
; transaction timer B
; 使用更短的 SIP 头名字
; res_pjsip 线程池初始线程
; 线程池增长
; 出局时 - 如果请求过大 禁止自动从 UDP 切换到 TCP - RFC 3261 section 18.1.1.
; 设置为 no 可能导致兼容问题
; 出局时 - 如果 USA 在后续 18X 和 2XX 返回 SDP 属性包含不同的 To 信息时,跟随新的信息
; 也需要在 endpoint 启用
; 通常发生在 INVITE fork 到多 UAS 时
; 出局时 - 类似 follow_early_media_fork,更改 port 属性
; 也需要在 endpoint 启用
; 通常发生在使用不同端口 ringback 时

; 出局禁用 rport


  • res_pjsip_acl
; List of IP ACL section names in acl conf
; List of Contact ACL section names in acl conf
; List of Contact header addresses to deny
; List of Contact header addresses to permit
; List of IP addresses to deny access from
; List of IP addresses to permit access from


  • res_pjsip_transport_websocket

; 传输协议
; IP Address and optional port to bind to for this transport
; Number of simultaneous Asynchronous Operations

; Note that for the Websocket transport the TLS configuration is configured
; in http.conf and is applied for all HTTPS traffic.
; File containing a list of certificates to read TLS ONLY
;ca_list_path= ; Path to directory containing certificates to read TLS ONLY.
; PJProject version 2.4 or higher is required for this option to
; be used.
;cert_file= ; Certificate file for endpoint TLS ONLY
; Will read .crt or .pem file but only uses cert,
; a .key file must be specified via priv_key_file.
; Since PJProject version 2.5: If the file name ends in _rsa,
; for example "asterisk_rsa.pem", the files "asterisk_dsa.pem"
; and/or "asterisk_ecc.pem" are loaded (certificate, inter-
; mediates, private key), to support multiple algorithms for
; server authentication (RSA, DSA, ECDSA). If the chains are
; different, at least OpenSSL 1.0.2 is required.
; (default: "")
; Preferred cryptography cipher names TLS ONLY
; Method of SSL transport TLS ONLY
;priv_key_file= ; Private key file TLS ONLY (default: "")
; Require verification of client certificate TLS ONLY
; Require verification of server certificate TLS ONLY
; Require client certificate TLS ONLY
; Domain the transport comes from
; External IP address to use in RTP handling
; External address for SIP signalling
; External port for SIP signalling
; 本地网络 - NAT 时使用
; 密钥

tos=0 ; TOS for the signalling sent over this transport
cos=0 ; COS for the signalling sent over this transport

; websocket 超时时间 - 单位 ms
; 客户端较慢的场景需要调整
; 是否允许重载 - 有时重载可能导致通话中断
; 对等传输
; 当从一个动态 contact 请求进来时,记录传输到 uri 参数 x-ast-txp
; 请求出去时,如果 uri 不是 hostname 则会使用记录的 x-ast-txp 参数


  • 不推荐 inbound 和 outbound 使用相同 auth
  • 空 realm 对 inbound 和 outbound 含义不同
    • inbound
      • 在授权是发送给 peer 作为授权的一部分
      • 默认为全局的 default_realm
    • outbound
      • 会匹配返回的 realm 来返回 auth
      • 空 匹配所有 realm
; 用户名
; 授权类型 userpass, md5
; 明文密码
; MD5 密钥
; echo -n "myname:myrealm:mypassword" | md5sum
; outbound 时 realm 不能为 空 - 如果为空则要求服务端发送 空 realm 而不是匹配任意
; outgoing 时 空 或 * 都标识使用服务端返回 realm
; Lifetime of a nonce


  • 集成 res_pjsip 和 res_phoneprov
type = phoneprovr
endpoint = ep1000
; 必须 - 用户的 mac 地址
MAC = deadbeef4dad
; 必须 - phoneprov profile
PROFILE = grandstream2

; 任意自定义变量
LINE = 1
OTHERVAR = othervalue

; 从定义的 endpoint 生成的变量
; id of the phoneprov section

; 其他变量
; endpoint -> transport
; endpoint -> auth


  • res_pjsip

; RFC3262 provisional ACK tags
; Media Codec s to allow
; RFC3578 overlap dialing support
; AoR s to be used with the endpoint
; Authentication Object s associated with the endpoint
; CallerID
; 隐私级别
; 内部 id_tag
; Dialplan context for inbound sessions
; Mitigation of direct media re INVITE glare
; Direct Media method type
; Accept Connected Line updates from this endpoint
; Send Connected Line updates to this endpoint
connected_line_method=invite ; Connected line method type.
; When set to "invite", check the remote's
; Allow header and if UPDATE is allowed, send
; UPDATE instead of INVITE to avoid SDP
; renegotiation. If UPDATE is not Allowed,
; send INVITE.
; If set to "update", send UPDATE regardless
; of what the remote Allows.
; (default: "invite")
; media may flow directly between endpoints
; Disable direct media session refreshes when NAT obstructs the media session
; 禁用编码
; SDP 媒体地址
; 绑定 RTP 会话到 media_address - 会导致所有RTP包发往指定地址
; Force use of return port
; 启用 ICE 辅助 NAT 穿透
; 终端 AoR 标识逻辑 - username, auth_username, ip, header
; header 在 username+realm 失败时尝试 username 匹配
; 重定向处理方式
;mailboxes= ; NOTIFY the endpoint when state changes for any of the specified mailboxes.
; Asterisk will send unsolicited MWI NOTIFY messages to the endpoint when state
; changes happen for any of the specified mailboxes. (default: "")
;voicemail_extension= ; The voicemail extension to send in the NOTIFY Message-Account header
; (default: global/default_voicemail_extension)
; An MWI subscribe will replace unsoliticed NOTIFYs
; (default: "no")
; 默认 MOH 分类
; Pass Music On Hold through using SIP re-invites with sendonlywhen placing on hold and sendrecv when taking off hold

; 出局授权对象
; 出局请求代理 - SIP URI

; 使用来源 IP 地址端口重写 contact
; Enforce RTP symmetric
; Send the Diversion header conveying the diversion information to the called user agent

; Send the P Asserted Identity header
; Send the Remote Party ID header
; Send connected line updates on unanswered incoming calls immediately
; Minimum session timers expiration period
; Session timers for SIP packets
; Maximum session timer expiration period
; 限定通讯协议 - 默认都可以

; Accept identification information received from this endpoint
; Send private identification details to the endpoint
; Use Endpoint s requested packetisation interval
; 强制使用 AVPF
; 强制媒体加密
; 尝试加密
; yes => g.726 失败后尝试 g726aal2 - 与 RFC3551 不同
; 需要 allow g726aal2
; indicate ringing inband progress

; The numeric pickup groups for a channel
; The numeric pickup groups that a channel can pickup
; The named pickup groups for a channel
; The named pickup groups that a channel can pickup

; The number of in use channels which will cause busy to be returned as device state

;t38_udptl=no ; Whether T 38 UDPTL support is enabled or not (default: "no")
;t38_udptl_ec=none ; T 38 UDPTL error correction method (default: "none")
;t38_udptl_maxdatagram=0 ; T 38 UDPTL maximum datagram size (default:
; "0")
;fax_detect=no ; Whether CNG tone detection is enabled (default: "no")
;fax_detect_timeout=30 ; How many seconds into a call before fax_detect is
; disabled for the call.
; Zero disables the timeout.
; (default: "0")
;t38_udptl_nat=no ; Whether NAT support is enabled on UDPTL sessions
; (default: "no")

;tone_zone= ; Set which country s indications to use for channels created
; for this endpoint (default: "")
;language= ; Set the default language to use for channels created for this
; endpoint (default: "")

; one touch recording
; 处理 one touch recording 的方式

; Name of the RTP engine to use for channels created for this endpoint
; SIP REFER transfers
; SDP origin 后的 username 信息
; String used for the SDP session s line

; endpoint is allowed to initiate subscriptions
; The minimum allowed expiry time for subscriptions initiated by the endpoint

; Username to use in From header for requests to this endpoint
; Username to use in From header for unsolicited MWI NOTIFYs to this endpoint
; Domain to user in From header for requests to this endpoint

;dtls_verify=no ; Verify that the provided peer certificate is valid (default:
; "no")
;dtls_rekey=0 ; Interval at which to renegotiate the TLS session and rekey
; the SRTP session (default: "0")
;dtls_auto_generate_cert= ; Enable ephemeral DTLS certificate generation (default:
; "no")
;dtls_cert_file= ; Path to certificate file to present to peer (default:
; "")
;dtls_private_key= ; Path to private key for certificate file (default:
; "")
;dtls_cipher= ; Cipher to use for DTLS negotiation (default: "")
;dtls_ca_file= ; Path to certificate authority certificate (default: "")
;dtls_ca_path= ; Path to a directory containing certificate authority
; certificates (default: "")
;dtls_setup= ; Whether we are willing to accept connections connect to the
; other party or both (default: "")
;dtls_fingerprint= ; Hash to use for the fingerprint placed into SDP
; (default: "SHA-256")
;srtp_tag_32=no ; Determines whether 32 byte tags should be used instead of 80
; byte tags (default: "no")
;set_var= ; Variable set on a channel involving the endpoint. For multiple
; channel variables specify multiple 'set_var'(s)
;rtp_keepalive= ; Interval, in seconds, between comfort noise RTP packets if
; RTP is not flowing. This setting is useful for ensuring that
; holes in NATs and firewalls are kept open throughout a call.
;rtp_timeout= ; Hang up channel if RTP is not received for the specified
; number of seconds when the channel is off hold (default:
; "0" or not enabled)
;rtp_timeout_hold= ; Hang up channel if RTP is not received for the specified
; number of seconds when the channel is on hold (default:
; "0" or not enabled)
;contact_user= ; On outgoing requests, force the user portion of the Contact
; header to this value (default: "")
;incoming_call_offer_pref= ; Based on this setting, a joint list of
; preferred codecs between those received in an
; incoming SDP offer (remote), and those specified
; in the endpoint's "allow" parameter (local)
; is created and is passed to the Asterisk core.
; local - Include all codecs in the local list that
; are also in the remote list preserving the local
; order. (default).
; local_first - Include only the first codec in the
; local list that is also in the remote list.
; remote - Include all codecs in the remote list that
; are also in the local list preserving remote list
; order.
; remote_first - Include only the first codec in
; the remote list that is also in the local list.
;outgoing_call_offer_pref= ; Based on this setting, a joint list of
; preferred codecs between those received from the
; Asterisk core (remote), and those specified in
; the endpoint's "allow" parameter (local) is
; created and is used to create the outgoing SDP
; offer.
; local - Include all codecs in the local list that
; are also in the remote list preserving the local
; order.
; local_merge - Include all codecs in the local list
; preserving the local order.
; local_first - Include only the first codec in the
; local list.
; remote - Include all codecs in the remote list that
; are also in the local list preserving remote list
; order.
; remote_merge - Include all codecs in the local list
; preserving the remote list order. (default)
; remote_first - Include only the first codec in the
; remote list that is also in the local list.
;preferred_codec_only=no ; Respond to a SIP invite with the single most
; preferred codec rather than advertising all joint
; codec capabilities. This limits the other side's
; codec choice to exactly what we prefer.
; default is no.
; NOTE: This option is deprecated in favor
; of incoming_call_offer_pref. Setting both
; options is unsupported.

; 媒体配置
; ====================
; yes => rtcp_mux, use_avpf, ice_support, use_received_transport
; 默认
; media_encryption=dtls
; dtls_verify=fingerprint
; dtls_setup=actpass
; dtls_cert_file, dtls_ca_file
max_audio_streams=1 ; The maximum number of allowed negotiated audio streams
; (default: 1)
max_video_streams=1 ; The maximum number of allowed negotiated video streams
; (default: 1)

;tos_audio=0 ; DSCP TOS bits for audio streams (default: "0")
;tos_video=0 ; DSCP TOS bits for video streams (default: "0")
;cos_audio=0 ; Priority for audio streams (default: "0")
;cos_video=0 ; Priority for video streams (default: "0")

; RTP 配置
; ====================
; SDP answer to use the media transport as received in the SDP offer
; force the usage of 'RTP/AVP', 'RTP/AVPF', 'RTP/SAVP', or 'RTP/SAVPF' as the media transport type in SDP offers depending on settings, even when DTLS is used for media encryption.
; 允许发送接收不同编码 - 不自动匹配
refer_blind_progress=yes ; Whether to notifies all the progress details on blind
; transfer (default: "yes"). The value "no" is useful
; for some SIP phones (Mitel/Aastra, Snom) which expect
; a sip/frag "200 OK" after REFER has been accepted.
;notify_early_inuse_ringing = ; Whether to notifies dialog-info 'early'
; on INUSE && RINGING state (default: "no").
; The value "yes" is useful for some SIP phones
; (Cisco SPA) to be able to indicate and pick up
; ringing devices.

;incoming_mwi_mailbox = ; Mailbox name to use when incoming MWI NOTIFYs are
; received.
; If an MWI NOTIFY is received FROM this endpoint,
; this mailbox will be used when notifying other modules
; of MWI status changes. If not set, incoming MWI
; NOTIFYs are ignored.
follow_early_media_fork=yes ; On outgoing calls, if the UAS responds with
; different SDP attributes on subsequent 18X or 2XX
; responses (such as a port update) AND the To tag
; on the subsequent response is different than that
; on the previous one, follow it. This usually
; happens when the INVITE is forked to multiple UASs
; and more than 1 sends an SDP answer.
; This option must also be enabled in the system
; section.
; (default: yes)
; On outgoing calls, if the UAS responds with
; different SDP attributes on non-100rel 18X or 2XX
; responses (such as a port update) AND the To tag on
; the subsequent response is the same as that on the
; previous one, process it. This can happen when the
; UAS needs to change ports for some reason such as
; using a separate port for custom ringback.
; This option must also be enabled in the system
; section.
; (default: no)
;suppress_q850_reason_headers =
; Suppress Q.850 Reason headers for this endpoint.
; Some devices can't accept multiple Reason headers
; and get confused when both 'SIP' and 'Q.850' Reason
; headers are received. This option allows the
; 'Q.850' Reason header to be suppressed.
; (default: no)
;ignore_183_without_sdp =
; Do not forward 183 when it doesn't contain SDP.
; Certain SS7 internetworking scenarios can result in
; a 183 to be generated for reasons other than early
; media. Forwarding this 183 can cause loss of
; ringback tone. This flag emulates the behavior of
; chan_sip and prevents these 183 responses from
; being forwarded.
; (default: no)
;stir_shaken =
; If this is enabled, STIR/SHAKEN operations will be
; performed on this endpoint. This includes inbound
; and outbound INVITEs. On an inbound INVITE, Asterisk
; will check for an Identity header and attempt to
; verify the call. On an outbound INVITE, Asterisk will
; add an Identity header that others can use to verify
; calls from this endpoint. Additional configuration is
; done in stir_shaken.conf.
; The STIR_SHAKEN dialplan function must be used to get
; the verification results on inbound INVITEs. Nothing
; happens to the call if verification fails; it's up to
; you to determine what to do with the results.
; (default: no)
; By default, chan_pjsip will challenge an incoming
; OPTIONS request for authentication credentials just
; as it would an INVITE request. This is consistent
; with RFC 3261.
; There are many UAs that use an OPTIONS request as a
; "ping" and they expect a 200 response indicating that
; the remote party is up and running without a need to
; authenticate.
; Setting allow_unauthenticated_options to 'yes' will
; instruct chan_pjsip to skip the authentication step
; when it receives an OPTIONS request for this
; endpoint.
; There are security implications to enabling this
; setting as it can allow information disclosure to
; occur - specifically, if enabled, an external party
; could enumerate and find the endpoint name by
; sending OPTIONS requests and examining the
; responses.


  • res_pjsip_outbound_registration
;auth_rejection_permanent=yes ; Determines whether failed authentication
; challenges are treated as permanent failures
; (default: "yes")
;client_uri= ; Client SIP URI used when attemping outbound registration
; (default: "")
;contact_user= ; Contact User to use in request (default: "")
;expiration=3600 ; Expiration time for registrations in seconds
; (default: "3600")
;max_retries=10 ; Maximum number of registration attempts (default: "10")
;outbound_auth= ; Authentication object to be used for outbound registrations
; (default: "")
;outbound_proxy= ; Proxy through which to send registrations, a full SIP URI
; must be provided (default: "")
;retry_interval=60 ; Interval in seconds between retries if outbound
; registration is unsuccessful (default: "60")
;forbidden_retry_interval=0 ; Interval used when receiving a 403 Forbidden
; response (default: "0")
;fatal_retry_interval=0 ; Interval used when receiving a fatal response.
; (default: "0") A fatal response is any permanent
; failure (non-temporary 4xx, 5xx, 6xx) response
; received from the registrar. NOTE - if also set
; the 'forbidden_retry_interval' takes precedence
; over this one when a 403 is received. Also, if
; 'auth_rejection_permanent' equals 'yes' a 401 and
; 407 become subject to this retry interval.
;server_uri= ; SIP URI of the server to register against (default: "")
;transport= ; Transport used for outbound authentication (default: "")
;line= ; When enabled this option will cause a 'line' parameter to be
; added to the Contact header placed into the outgoing
; registration request. If the remote server sends a call
; this line parameter will be used to establish a relationship
; to the outbound registration, ultimately causing the
; configured endpoint to be used (default: "no")
;endpoint= ; When line support is enabled this configured endpoint name
; is used for incoming calls that are related to the outbound
; registration (default: "")


res_pjsip_outbound_registration.c:1061 handle_registration_response: Fatal response '401' received from 'sip:' on registration attempt to 'sip:6001@', stopping outbound registration


pjsip send registry trunk-6001-reg-0


expiration = 300
auth_rejection_permanent = no
retry_interval = 30
forbidden_retry_interval = 60
fatal_retry_interval = 120
max_retries = 120

pjproject: .Error sending STUN request: Network is unreachable